My name is Shawn, and I am formerly in another life a Bus Driver/Instructor A.J.Myers and Sons, a contractor for the Seneca Valley School District here in PA, and I am the creator and webmaster for this website. I am now residing in Portersville, PA, I was offered a job with the New Castle Transit Authority, and it was too good to pass up, but my love for school buses will not diminish.

I really enjoyed what I did and each day was full of new challenges, as well as a lot of fun. It's what we do.



My goal in creating this website is to share ideas amongst other drivers from all over, to get ideas and suggestions to make the job even more enjoyable than it is. If you have any ideas or thoughts, please E-Mail them to me using the link below. If I have mis-described something, by all means, please let me know. I want to make the site as accurate as possible. Also, if you know of a photographer who is NOT credited on my credits page, I'd like to know so I can give the proper credit.

Remember...It takes over 1,300 bolts to put a school bus together, but it only takes one nut to scatter them all over the highway. Please drive carefully!


Click the picture above to go to my newest page, dedicated to that crazy bird, the "Dingy Red Light Runner".


Let's meet the School Bus Driver Family! Webutation


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Please help me keep this site alive...The costs of keeping this site up are getting expensive, and come out of my own pocket, so hopefully, you can help me by making a donation to help me offset these costs. Anything at all is appreciated, and will help me keep this site updated and alive! The donations are processed through PayPal under PWConcepts, my subsidiary website.



There will be a great many pages on this site, so why don't we begin now! Just click on the navigation buttons to be taken to your destination!




Let's go look look at school buses by the company that built them...




I would appreciate any input or suggestions that you may have. And if you really must, I even take complaints too...


Shawn Bennear
Shawn Bennear
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